Robert A. Brown received his basic education in fluid dynamics from UC, Berkeley (Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Science) and the University of Washington (Geophysics, English, Atmospheric Science). He has been a Research Professor at the University of Washington since 1971. His current interests are in geophysical fluid dynamics: planetary boundary layer (PBL) dynamics, remote sensing, arctic meteorology, air-sea interaction, instability theory, turbulence, mesoscale and general circulation modelling of the PBL, and climate applications. He has authored two textbooks: Analytic Methods in Planetary Boundary Layer Modeling, Wiley and Sons, 1993 and Fluid Mechanics of the Atmosphere, Academic Press, 1991. Professor Brown has also co-authored six books and written or co-authored 60 papers on PBL modeling and remote sensing.

Professor R. A. Brown
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, AK-40
University of Washington
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